I write to understand as much as to be understood.
— Elie Wiesel
MPP is boot camp for beginners, pendulation for ground pounders and essential for the erudite. It is a disparate gathering of veterans who bond quickly, share comfortably and are held safely in a crucible of understanding and respect. In the end, you write, rewrite, read and reread and your story is archived for generations to come.
— D.M. Thompson
MPP is a Godsend. I learned technical aspects of writing that enabled me to cathartically express my experiences and forty two years of repressed pain. Learning with likeminded souls enables honest free flowing discourse. I learned that my experiences though unique to me are universal. Generational differences exist in every class, these differences reinforce the universal nature of every combatant’s actions and responses. I discovered that death is a consequence of good training, that heroism is born of necessity. War brings out the best and the worst in every fighter. Post combat regret is inevitable. Writing freed my soul by opening Pandora’s Box where hope lives too. The freedom to learn with a professional writer and empathetic classmates is priceless. The stories generated are all heroic, some are comical and the byproduct of MPP is a treasure trove of shared memories that I cherish forever.
— Malik H.


Our semester length, university-level writing classes are taught in a workshop format by college professors or professional writers. Enrollment is capped at 15. Students learn techniques to write their own stories and edit classmates’ work. Classes are available year ‘round and are held at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia for veterans and veteran supporters. There is no cost. We are currently accepting applications for 2018 winter classes. Please make your selection below. 

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