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The Mighty Pen Project has greatly aided in my transition from soldier to civilian. Each week, I gather with men and women from all walks of life, of different generations, and with a myriad of experiences. At Mighty Pen, we bond not only as veterans, spouses, and friends of veterans, but as aspiring writers. During each session, I learn a little more about my fellow classmates. Through their writings, I join them on their journey. Through our discussions, I build a community.
— Alicia

Being a part of the writing seminar with The Mighty Pen Project has helped me process in my mind the details of some of the situations that I went through during my time on active duty. By putting these stories on paper, and sharing them with my classmates, I’m able to move beyond the emotions of those events. More importantly, I’m hopeful that my stories will inspire young women to follow their passion to serve this great nation and not be discouraged because of their gender.
— Stefanie A.